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Social Updates

Resident Services

Posted On: 05/19/2022

Because sometimes things break, and we don’t want you to worry about it, we have a professional team on site ready to he...

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Purr-y Friends

Posted On: 05/16/2022

You can rely on your cats to sleep all day and meow all night. But it goes without saying that they will love doing them...

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Exercising At Home

Posted On: 05/13/2022

Between our fitness center and the swimming pool, how do you recharge your batteries at home?

Flexible Leases & Comfort

Posted On: 05/10/2022

Comfort can be found everywhere, even in the short-term leases we provide. Come and stay with us for as long as you want...

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Efficient Homes

Posted On: 05/04/2022

When guests leave and you are left with tons of dishes to clean, this one thought may cross your mind: “thank goodness I...

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Schedule A Tour Today

Posted On: 05/02/2022

The weather is perfect, the apartments are inviting, and our team is more than excited to show you around. Come by for a...

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Cat Friendly Homes

Posted On: 04/27/2022

Life with pets is never dull, even the smallest things provide them great entertainment. You can watch your furry friend...

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Pampering Sessions

Posted On: 04/25/2022

Ten minutes in the pool, an hour in the hot tub; this has to be the perfect pool – spa ratio. At Pacific Oaks, you can c...

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Happy Earth Day!

Posted On: 04/22/2022

Let #EarthDay be a reminder to cultivate eco-friendly habits for a long-term healthy environment.

Thank You For Everything!

Posted On: 04/19/2022

Every person living at Pacific Oaks is special to us! You are the ones making this community the best.