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Come Grab a Bagel! - Date 01/15/2021

Did you know?? Bagels were first enjoyed almost 500 years ago. With today being #NationalBagelDay it’s only right to stop by our office between 9-11 am for a grab n’ go bagel bag to celebrate in style!

Bike Friendly Amenities - Date 01/11/2021

A practical reason to choose Pacific Oaks as your home: you can get your bike’s tires pumped in a matter of minutes, with a quick stop to our fixit station!

Adopt a Pet! - Date 01/08/2021

If you’re looking for a sign to adopt a pet, this is it: we adore furry residents, they have a way of giving life to the community. Your new companion is awaiting your arrival in one of the shelters surrounding our area!

Breakfast in Bed! - Date 01/05/2021

Get pumped for the day by treating yourself to an indulgent breakfast in bed. Those extra minutes spent in your cozy bedroom will make this Tuesday feel like a Saturday!

Happy New Year 2021! - Date 12/31/2020

2021 at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, CA

The countdown to the new year has begun. Let’s welcome 2021 with a pinch of hope, a dash of positivity, and a smidgen of excitement. Happy New Year, Pacific Oaks residents!

New Year Resolutions - Date 12/29/2020

2021 resolutions at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, CA, 93117

It’s time to look forward to 2021. Which also means it’s time to review this year’s resolutions, check how many you’ve accomplished, and move the rest to the next year (along with a few new ones)!

Season's Greetings! - Date 12/24/2020

seasons greetings at Pacific Oaks, California, 93117

Season’s Greetings, dear residents! May your holiday celebrations be marked by great company and treasured moments! #happyholidays2020

Reasons to Be Thankful - Date 12/21/2020

thankfulness at Pacific Oaks, California

2020 wasn’t without challenges, but there were good parts to it, too. Use the remaining days to list the nice things that happened this year. We’d love to know what made your life better!

Cozy Winter Evenings - Date 12/17/2020

camera and vinyls at Pacific Oaks, Goleta

Soft music, a plush blanket, some warm cookies, a feel-good movie…and the evening becomes special. That’s the magic of December—even the most basic activity is imbued with a sense of coziness!

Cute Reason to Choose Pacific Oaks - Date 12/15/2020

dog and cat at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, California

The cutest reason to choose Pacific Oaks as your home: two seemingly mortal enemies will become inseparable. We’re talking about cats and dogs, both of which are welcomed here!