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Opt for Green Furniture - Date 08/11/2020

The right touches will completely transform the look of your apartment. “Green” furniture has an artisan feel that’s hard to ignore; not to mention it reduces the strain put on the environment!

Dog Loving Apartments - Date 08/06/2020

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs, obviously! That’s how many of them can share your Pacific Oaks apartment! #doglove

Choose a Cozy Bedroom - Date 08/03/2020

You spend anywhere between 5 and 9 hours (or more!) each day inside the bedroom, so why not choose one with a modern look and a cozy feel? #bedroomstyle

Sunsets at the Goleta Pier - Date 07/29/2020

Oceanside Pier at Pacific Oaks, Goleta

No sunset is more beautiful than the ones you can enjoy from the Goleta Pier. A 12-minute drive or 20-minute bike ride from Pacific Oaks, the pier is an iconic place to visit! #goletapier

Short-Term Lease Options - Date 07/27/2020

Couple Sitting On Sofa at Pacific Oaks, California

Reasons to choose Pacific Oaks as your home: our short-term leases that provide increased flexibility. Come live with us for a few months and decide only afterwards to make a more permanent move!

Your Favorite Space Is... - Date 07/24/2020

Poolside Area at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, 93117

We’re curious, so we’re asking: what do you love most about Pacific Oaks? The apartments or the amenities?

Enjoy the Pondside Deck! - Date 07/21/2020

Pond side Deck  at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, CA

Our pondside deck doubles as a great spot for an evening chat! #backyardnature

Cat-Approved Lifestyle - Date 07/15/2020

Majestic Cat at Pacific Oaks, Goleta, CA, 93117

Leave it to your cat to make you feel guilty for going to work! Good thing they reward you with their sweet purr as soon as you get back to the apartment! #catfriendly

Cold Spring Tavern - Date 07/13/2020

Old Cold Spring Tavern at Pacific Oaks, California, 93117

We can’t think of a restaurant with a richer history than Cold Spring Tavern. First opened in the 1860s, it went through several ownership changes, survived multiple fires, had countless customers pass through—and the food is simply amazing!

Breakfast Bars Available! - Date 07/09/2020

Breakfast Bar at Pacific Oaks, Goleta

A breakfast bar makes the first meal of the day feel more lavish, even if you’re in a haste to finish it. Check our floor plans to see which apartments have one!