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Combat Food Waste! - Date 10/22/2020

Shop smarter, and you’ll get more value for your money. No more food going to waste, fresh ingredients every time, and extra bucks in your pocket. Best of all, it’ll be harder to over-buy! #wastenothing

Evenings by the Fire Pit - Date 10/20/2020

Late night chats, cozy blankets, a toasty fire…the fire pit lounge might be the warmest feature of our community. When’s the last time you spent the evening there?

Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch - Date 10/14/2020

What better way to get into that festive Fall spirit than with a visit to a local pumpkin patch? Open till October 31st, Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch has the perfect Jack-O’-Lantern-to-be, you just need to pick it up!

Meet Ted Barroca - Date 10/12/2020

Ted brings a positive attitude to work each and every day. He is always ready and willing to help. Whether that be with office tasks or resident relations, he does it all without hesitation and consistent application!

Mandatory Kitty Break - Date 10/08/2020

When your cat demands a petting break, you have no other choice but to take one. Even if you’re in a call or buried deep in work. Their stress-relieving powers make it hard to get mad at them, though!

Your Dream Kitchen - Date 10/06/2020

Cooking might just become your favorite activity. Especially when our kitchens have every needed appliance, from quality ranges, refrigerators, and range hoods to dishwashers, disposals, and double-basin sinks!

Firefighter Support - Date 10/02/2020

As our state faces unprecedented wildfire activity, thousands of people lost their homes despite the firefighters’ best efforts to fight the blazes. Check out the California Fire Foundation to see how you can help!

Best Place to Explore - Date 09/30/2020

Lake Los Carneros Park is a not-so-hidden gem where you can take a leisurely walk, bird watch, or try to see the wildlife. And since it’s less than 3 miles away from Pacific Oaks, you can visit it on workdays. #lakeloscarneros #getoutandexplore

Family Quality Time - Date 09/25/2020

Helping the little ones with their homework is a great way to spend more time together, all while teaching them positive learning habits. We recommend the living room as a setting: it’s filled with natural light! #pacificoaksapartments

A Shopaholic's Adventures - Date 09/22/2020

There are two main ways to fulfill your shopping needs. Which do you prefer? Visit physical stores or shop online? #shopshopshop #shoppingspree #onlineshopping #pacificoaksapartments #goleta