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Family Quality Time - Date 09/25/2020

Helping the little ones with their homework is a great way to spend more time together, all while teaching them positive learning habits. We recommend the living room as a setting: it’s filled with natural light! #pacificoaksapartments

A Shopaholic's Adventures - Date 09/22/2020

There are two main ways to fulfill your shopping needs. Which do you prefer? Visit physical stores or shop online? #shopshopshop #shoppingspree #onlineshopping #pacificoaksapartments #goleta

Convenience Everywhere - Date 09/17/2020

Our covered parking spots will protect your car against the elements. Whether it’s scorching hot or pouring, your four-wheeler will sit just as comfortably. #pacificoaksapartments #parkingspot #carparking #apartmentliving #goleta

#EnergySaving - Date 09/15/2020

Optimize your energy usage! Start with simple changes like keeping the oven door closed all throughout baking, then take more advanced actions such as defrosting the freezer before the ice buildup gets too thick. #towbesgreen #saveenergy #livegreen

Play Time With Your Pet - Date 09/09/2020

Life with pets has more benefits than you think! Who would’ve guessed that taking your doggy for a stroll doubles as a great way to reach those 10,000 steps a day? #pacificoaksapartments #petfriendlyapartments #dailystroll #enjoyingtheday #goleta

You Deserve a Break - Date 09/07/2020

How was your Labor Day weekend? We hope you used the time to take a break from your day-to-day activities and do something that makes your soul happy! #laborday2020 #happylaborday #labordayweekend #pacificoaksapartments #goleta

Space, Space, Space - Date 09/03/2020

One other reason to choose Pacific Oaks as your home: the extra storage space where you can leave your camping gear, surfing equipment, and various seasonal items! #pacificoaksapartments

A Renewed Way to Watch Movies - Date 09/01/2020

What do the 1950’s and 2020 have in common? The rise of the drive-in theater! Goleta is fortunate to have West Wind Drive-In nearby. The screenings are great fun, as they provide a social-distancing-friendly way to catch a movie! #driveintheater

Game Nights Moved Online - Date 08/28/2020

Host a virtual game night whenever you want to spend time with friends but don’t feel like getting out the house. All you need is a strong internet connection—which isn’t a problem in our community! #gamenightfun

Your Favorite Team Member Is... - Date 08/25/2020

First impressions are everything. Which member of our team was lucky enough to greet you on your first visit to Pacific Oaks?