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Support Local Businesses - Date 06/03/2020

It’s in everyone’s power to support Goleta-based businesses, so choose to shop local whenever possible—the whole community will be thankful! #shoplocal

Practice Yoga at Home - Date 06/01/2020

Breathe in, then out, and let your muscles relax. A low-impact yoga session does wonders to your overall wellbeing. All you need is a mat and an online trainer to follow! #yogaathome

Give Back to the Community! - Date 05/28/2020

Do you wish to lend a helping hand to those in need? The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is always looking for donations!

Furry Work Assistants - Date 05/26/2020

Kitties double as great coworkers: they keep you focused, volunteer as brainstorming buddies, and even provide a welcomed distraction so you won’t forget how it feels to go to the office!

Wash Dishes More Easily - Date 05/22/2020

Washing dishes is less of a chore when all you have to do is load the dishwasher, choose a program, and press the start button. #dishwasher #choresdone

World Bee Day - Date 05/20/2020

The pretty flowers beautifying our community are not there just for looks; they provide precious nutrients for bees. We encourage you to join our efforts and grow some flowering plants on your balcony as a way to help them thrive!

Order from Local Restaurants! - Date 05/14/2020

Support local businesses by ordering food online every now and then. Many of your favorite restaurants are still open during the COVID-19 restrictions. #chooselocal #localrestaurants

Say Hello to Our Friendly Staff - Date 05/11/2020

Reasons to choose Pacific Oaks as your home: our helpful, friendly staff that makes you feel valued from the very first hello! #ourteamrocks

Throw an Indoor Picnic! - Date 05/08/2020

Staying at home challenges us to find new ways to socialize, so grab a blanket, put together a charcuterie board, and throw a picnic in your living room! #indoorpicnic #pacificoaksapartments

Covered Parking Options - Date 05/05/2020

Do you prefer to park your car in an off-street spot or a covered one? You will have your choice because Pacific Oaks offers both! #coveredparking